How To Make A Conducive User Journey On Your E-Commerce Website

Minimising the Number of Steps in your User Journey

Many research studies have shown that the longer or more complex the journey you require customers to jump through for them to buy a product, the greater the odds of them quitting.

All Within 3 Actions

As a rule of thumb, we advise keeping any item inside the reach of 3 steps. This means that from the time a user enters your internet site, they ought to be able to get to any product within 3 clicks or scrolls.

By ensuring that any product is within 3 actions, you would have successfully simplified the user journey. It also reduces the odds of a customer coming to be lost or irritated in the process and thus quitting.

Improving Your Internal Search Capabilities

Another step that you can utilize is to enhance the accuracy of both your internal search and item categories. The smarter your web site’s mechanisms are for customers to find their products on, the less inconvenience they will experience in the process.

Having mentioned that, you must be cautious of having excessive categories that overlap one another. This would produce unnecessary confusion and hence friction on the individual’s journey.

Creating a Smooth Checkout Process

As soon as you have actually shuttled a user to the item of interest, you now need to make certain their path to a completed purchase is smooth. Again, this would imply decreasing the quantity of web pages and form fills that you need a customer to work through.

Catering for Mobile

For mobile individuals, we recommend you to have auto form filling features that permit users to swiftly input in details with the help of their smartphone. Combined with a minimised quantity of form fields, individuals should have the ability to breeze past the actual purchase process.

Having Multiple Payment Options

It is likewise similarly vital that you provide different payment alternatives such as credit, debit, Paypal or even bank transfer. This accommodates the individual and ensures that they would not need to set up an added payment channel for them to purchase your item.

Continuous Improvement

Your website should be compared to a living and breathing organism, constantly evolving in accordance with the needs of users. How would you determine the needs of your users? The answer lies in collecting and analysing your website’s data.

One system that is free and can be easily implemented on your website is Google Analytics. With its e-commerce reports, you will get data on metrics such as add to rate and cart abandonment rate. Other than e-commerce statistics, you can also find out the sources through which your website traffic is coming from and their entrance pages or bounce rate.

Getting Assistance with Creating Your E-commerce Website in an Affordable Fashion

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